Our Hosting Packages

Here at Alpha Innovations, we take pride in our experience of almost 20 years in designing websites for ourselves and for our clients. All these years, we have honored all our commitments and have never delayed beyond what our customers expected. We stand true to our promises. Our delivery time is usually 48 hours.

If you think you are in unfamiliar territories in this wild world of the internet, consider us to be your partner in navigating through and surviving it. No, that is not it. Consider us your friends who will help you wade through the swamp of the internet. We'll provide you with your needs and help you surge forward so that you soar like the eagle.

We charge a paltry sum of ₹ 1000.00 for a website. This will also include your hosting charge for a year where we will supply you with the latest cPanel with 2GB SSD space and unlimited bandwidth. And no, we will not increase the cost next year. It will remain the same. You can read more about our hosting service here.

We believe in just four steps:

  1. You browse through our web page and contact us through our contact form specifying your needs. Or you can also start chatting with us from our chat widget here.
  2. We reply through email or through the chat where you supply us with content and images. We talk and clear everything up at this stage - including acquiring a domain.
  3. We start on your site and within 48 hours we finish up your site. We hand over the site to you, including your administration id, password, and your cPanel details. 
  4. Finally, you pay us the amount of ₹ 1000.00 with a payment method we agree on (normally UPI -Gpay or Bank Transfer). Payment is to be done after you receive everything and are satisfied with our work and your site is running. This means that you are never at risk of losing your money. Payment is to be done only after your website is under your control. 


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